Empower your entire company and increase sales. 

On your smartphone, desktop, tablet, laptop ... any device, from anywhere, any time.

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Mobility  ...   Simplicity  ...   Security  ...

Collaboration and teamwork - the keys to building your business. With Qwikkr, everyone is on the same page and everyone can be a part of the customer experience. Build a complete customer database and history and track conversations, prospect progress and project actions.


Improve workflow, eliminate miscommunication and respond rapidly to customers. 


...  and check out our integration with Slack - real-time messaging, linked to key Qwik contacts for a complete view.


Create a connected and collaborative small business: CRM, Sales force automation, Help desk, Sales, Business and Personal Information management software to connect everyone , from anywhere, any time, over any device... 


Qwikkr apps combine Information Management software and advanced CRM to create a true Business Information Center.   


Qwikkr - Here're the two key apps:

QwikDESK - Full mobility, any device, anywhere. Mobile access to all your important information. Easy to use, lets everyone participate in the customer experience.

QwikTEAM - CRM, SFA, Help desk, Business and Personal Information Management - over 20 modules to handle all your needs.

Qwikkr benefits:

  • Mobile and desktop versions.
  • One, low cost unlimited user license. No per-user fees. Everyone can use the Qwikkr apps.
  • Private cloud installation. Your data is in your own, private account.
  • Tools for everyone, from the front desk to sales and service.
  • Any device - any computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Covers the full range of information and sales/service needs.

For everyone in your business, QwikDESK on your smartphone or tablet (and laptop, desktop or any other device QwikDesk) will:

  • Manage your desk: email, to do, notes, appointments...
  • Capture opportunities, manage callbacks, automate processes...
  • Connect and collaborate with your team...
  • Provide customers with the best experience - coordinate actions...
  • Build complete customer histories ... automatically

... from anywhere - on any device - any time.

And for your Sales and Service teams, QwikTEAM does all that QwikDESK does, plus ... provides online, in-depth, full solutions:

Sales: A complete CRM and Sales Force Automation solution. 20+ modules to handle all your sales force's needs.

Service: A full Help Desk and ticket tracking solution to manage, monitor and solve customer issues.

You will succeed ... everyone can be part of the customer process ... you will increase sales and really build your business. You, your team and everyone in your business will be able to work effectively and profitably from anywhere, on any device - laptop, ultrabook, desktop, smartphone or tablet - this is the software for you.

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QwikDesk QwikDesk

Full Information Management software that centralizes all your business in the palm of your hand.

QwikDesk is designed for simplicity through an easy, in-your-hand interface that runs on every mobile device - phone, tablet, laptop.

Instantly and easily tap into and manage all your key business and contact information. Centrally manage all your daily activities: callbacks, appointments, opportunities, to do, email and more.

And - connect and collaborate with others - capture customer touchpoints - funnel key information to the sales team. Online, real-time, no syncing ... 

All without any data permanently residing on the devices... The perfect BYOD solution. Losing the device won't expose any information.

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QwikTeam QwikTeam

Contemporary CRM and Customer Experience Management...

Designed for the most demanding sales and marketing teams, QwikTeam provides extensive CRM, SFA and sales and marketing functionality for your action teams.

Manage your day, track leads, build and handle your opportunities, create orders, schedule customer contacts, collaborate with your team, drive sales.


Anywhere, any time access to the extensive array of modules - over 20 of them - designed for larger screen devices - desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, larger screen tablets.

From simple information recording to complex customer campaigns, our Qwikkr products handle it all.

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... and a couple of others for more productivity:

QwikFILE - Access your desktop computer's file directory from anywhere. Forgot a file? Grab it with QwikFILE.

QwikSOCIAL - Link your contacts to all their social environments, important web sites and connections.

QwikVISUAL - Visualize your contacts and all their connections: self-explanatory (click or tap to enlarge):

QwikDesk    QwikVisual    QwikVisual

QwikSLACK - We've integrated with  .  

For the first time anywhere , Slack channels can be not only interacted with, but also linked to an owner record in the Qwikkr contact database. Tie any channel directly to any owner record - to any contact, project or opportunity - for a full, real-time, 360° view of all your collaborations, conversations, activities and actions.


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The Qwikkr products create a Business Information Center available to everyone... from anywhere... one price, unlimited users ... here's a Qwikkr view

  • Creates a virtual workplace accessible to qualified personnel, from anywhere, over any device or computer.
  • Web-based, but installed and delivered on your in-house computer of choice as a true private cloud (with optional installation on an outside host of your choice).
  • Install and run on your secure, behind-the-firewall LAN intranet and, optionally, provide internet access to qualified personnel through secure, 2-factor authentication.
  • Or quickly install on our hosting partner's servers using our fast, one-click install - free trial for 60 days, no credit card required. Low, low cost - great service.
  • You have 100% control and ownership of data. The Qwikkr product line will bring order to chaos, information to everyone and increased sales and profits.

    There simply is no better product to meet the needs of small and medium size business ...
  • CRM, Marketing, Campaigns
  • CEM/CX (Customer Experience Management)
  • Prospecting, Opportunities and Sales tracking
  • Help desk and Call center
  • Contacts, linked Connections
  • Projects, Reports, Order entry, Inventory
  • Documents, Online word processing, Templates
  • Social management, Conversation capture
  • Personal and Business Information Management
  • Scheduling and appointment management
  • To Do, Email, Day-At-a-Glance
  • Internal messaging, inline chat, customer chat
  • Collaboration, full history management

    And much more ...

  • QwikDesk - Simple, clean, easy-to-use app for all mobile devices, all users.
  • QwikTeam - Advanced, comprehensive, full-blown CRM and IM, for the sales and service teams.
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