Dalco Launches Free Small Business Company-wide Information, Activity and Customer Management Software

KELOWNA, CANADA - OCTOBER 1, 2016 - Dalco Technologies Inc. unveiled Qwikkr, a new, centralized Information, Activity and Customer Management software package for all teams, departments and personnel.

"Small business needs new tools to handle today's dynamic and non-scripted sales and marketing challenges, build complete customer reference histories and take on the competition," says Fred Dalgleish, CEO.

"So we built productivity software that will help everyone safely manage their busy day, connect with co-workers and be part of delivering a better customer experience."

Fully mobile and designed for small business, Qwikkr helps companies create a stronger, unified environment that encourages everyone to be part of the customer process. 

Qwikkr solves many information management problems facing small business. Qwikkr includes:

  • QwikDESK, an in-hand, mobile Information and Activity Manager that everyone can use.
  • QwikTEAM, a smart CRM and Customer Experience Management app for Sales and Service.
  • Free... fully functional, equal to or better than contemporary CRMs that cost thousands.
  • Private cloud installation and private data storage to reduce the risk of hacking and data loss.
  • Centralized data storage to provide qualified users with 24/7, anywhere, any time access, with no synchronization required.
  • Information delivery in real-time; nothing is ever permanently stored on the user device. This solves BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) issues and eliminates device theft concerns.
  • QwikDESK is a tile-based Information and Activity Management application designed for mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. It centralizes day-to-day activity management and includes customer and contact updating, appointments, to do, email, lead and task forwarding, co-worker communication, notes and callbacks. 

    QwikTEAM is a menu-based, smart CRM for Sales and Service, designed for laptops and desktops, but comfortable on tablets. QwikTEAM has over 20 modules , including sales force automation, help desk ticketing, order entry, contact and opportunity management and comprehensive reporting.

    "Now the front office, management, administration, sales, production and all other teams can work together to manage their daily activities and the company's business, and readily contribute to, and be part of building a better customer experience," Dalgleish added.  

    Qwikkr is initially installed on independent hosting service , where each company has its own private account. 

    Qwikkr IS FREE for unlimited users.... and is free for 60 days. Thereafter, has a monthly fee of less than $10, all in with no per-user fees. Qwikkr can be moved to a company's private server or to a different hosting service, if required.

    More information and an online, no-registration-required demo version at

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    About Qwikkr:

    Qwikkr provides small business with fully-mobile, high-productivity apps enabling everyone, including the Sales team, to efficiently manage daily activities, forward leads and engage and manage customers. Running on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, Qwikkr's ensures everyone can be part of building a strong customer database and delivering the best customer experience.

    About Dalco Technologies Inc.

    Dalco Technologies Inc. is a Kelowna, Canada company developing software for small business.


    Fred Dalgleish, CEO

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